Monday, May 31, 2010

Bronze beauty

Everyone wants to be tan. The darker you are and thinner and leaner you look and feel. Now days it's all the rage to be bronze and beautiful, but everyone knows that tanning beds and sun rays are dangerous and damaging to the skin. UV rays cause wrinkles, aging, and even skin cancer. Spray on tans are orange and so unnatural looking, not to mention expensive.

I, like everyone else, wants to be darker without these scary dangerous techniques. I have tried Jergins, Dove, L'Oreal, and Kiehl's and I never bought any of them twice because I was so displeased with the results.

Sound familiar? Than you need to try bareMinerals new Faux Tan Sunless Tanner!! Look like you just spent a day at the beach with this safe, all-over tan in a bottle. This luminous warmth is easy to apply to your whole body and works on even the most sensitive skin — leaving you soft and glowing.

  • Say goodbye to streaks: you see the color as you're applying it, so you'll know exactly where to put more or if you've missed a spot
  • Works within hours of applying and lasts for 5-7 days
  • Natural-based formula moisturizes, hydrates, and protects the skin with aloe vera and vegetable-derived emollients
  • Doesn't clog the pores or irritate sensitive skin

I want to share with you how amazing it feels to be bronze without the rays and without the orange. The Faux Tan Sunless Tanner worked wonders for me, and I know that it will work for you too! No streaks, no fake color, and presicion with every application. The Faux Tan Sunless Tanner is so simple to use, why wouldn't you try it?

Forever banish the oompa-loompa orange look, say goodbye to pasty white skin, and brace yourself for bronze!

So, try it, and then let me know what you thought! I would LOVE your feedback :)

Let's get cheeky!

Summer is almost here, and what better way to look fresh and fun than with nude and natural looking makeup. An easy way to accomplish this is to nix the heavy bright colors and go for something simple like blush in sweet stunning shades of pink with Bare Minerals Get Cheeky.

You don't have to go to a museum to see perfectly sculpted cheeks. Just pull up to a mirror with this professional blush tutorial and help your face take shape, accenting your cheekbones, highlighting your eyes, and framing your favorite features. Just follow the simple instructions on how to create the look that's right for your unique face.

This yummy collection includes:

  • Lovely Blush (a lovely pink shade)
  • Pure Radiance All-Over Face Color ( an innocent peach luster)
  • New Double-Ended Seamless Blending Blush Brush (only available in this Collection)

You might be wondering how exactly this is different to the blush you might already be using? Well, here is your answer, ladies! Not only are you getting an amazing deal, but Bare Minerals uses 100% natural pure Bare Minerals. Get Cheeky also works on all skin tones and provides a radiant glow for your complexion.

The Double-Ended Seamless Blending Blush Brush has one end that buffs blush onto the apples of the cheeks and another that highlights above the cheekbones, creating a seamless, beautiful look.

I would absolutely recommend this product to everyone. I use it daily for a clean natural look that is never cakey or heavy. Trust me, you need to try will never go back to your old blush.

If you are ready to try Bare Minerals Get Cheeky today, or would like even more information about it, CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Natural beauty

Let's talk lips. When you apply your lip sick or lip gloss, think about all the chemicals that you are putting on your lips. And are you one of the many women who sometimes accidently get some lipstick on their teeth? You probably don't want all of those nasty and harmful things in your mouth. Gross!!

Or, does your lipstick dry out your lips? Many lipsticks can leave lips looking dull, dry, and cracked after only a couple hours leaving you to make several trips to the powder room to re-apply your lipcolor.

Personally, I don't have time to be worrying about how my lipcolor looks throughout the day and I was serisouly disgusted when I looked at the ingredients list of my previous lipstick. I was so annoyed with these silly problems.

Now, I use Bare Minerals 100% Natural Lipcolor. Bare Minerals 100% Natural Lipcolor is creamy and long-lasting. It is made from only the best all-natural ingredients. That means no artificial dyes, preservatives or irritants whatsoever. Instead, Bare Mineral's nourishing blend combines pure bareMinerals, exotic oils, natural waxes and conditioning plant extracts. It is literally like spa treatmet for your lips.

I use Bavarian Creme, but this amazing lipcolor come is 26 sensational shades so it's impossible to not find one you will love.

Check out this long list of benefits you will get if you try Bare Minerals 100% Natural Lipcolor:

  • Superb color hydration that wears beautifully for hours

  • Soft touch case with feminine curves for a comfortable grip

  • Monoi D-Tahiti Oil provides up to six hours of moisturization

  • Cupuacu Butter promotes smoothness and elasticity

  • Barley Lipids improve the overall condition of your lips

  • Vitamin E protects and heals your lips from environmental factors

  • Echium Oil fights inflammation and reduce wrinkles

  • Infused with 100% pure bareMinerals for an extra dose of healthy nutrients

In case you're not already hooked, listen to this! In 2008 Shape magazine named this Lipcolor the winner in the Lip Catergory, Shape of Beauty Awards. Just goes to show that this is not your everyday drugstore Lip sick.

If you're finished flustering with your current lipsticl and would like to try Bare Minerals 100% Natural Lipcolor, CLICK HERE!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a merry Christmas

What was one of my favorite gifts I recieved this year from Santa? My awesome new Bare Minerals Brush with Greatness kit !! This cute limited-edition chic brush set was perfect!

When I opened up the box, I saw the edgy silver carrying case & unrolled it to find five professional quality brushes with custom handles and plenty of space for your BareMinerals essentials, making it easy to create a flawless look even when I'm on the go. What else could a girl ask for?!

The brush Collection includes:

  • Multi-tasking face brush with a semi-pointed, rounded brush head effortlessly buffs over your complexion for flawless blending of bareMinerals foundation, face and cheek colors

  • Tapered blush brush applies, blends, and contours blush, giving more complete coverage to the cheeks

  • Eye defining brush flawlessly details and blends in the contour crease and effortlessly gives dimension to eyes

  • Soft sweep eye brush applies, blends and contours the eyelid with bareMinerals eye colors with a luxurious, soft sweep for soft, smoky looks or highlights along the brow bone

  • Flat edge liner brush with its fine, blunt edge, works perfectly for long-stroke detail with bareMinerals Liner Shadows

I was so happy with this kit, and I had never tried this before, so I was also really excited that I was able to try this limited-edition prouduct! If YOU would like to try this prouduct click here!

If this prouduct doesn't interest you, you disagree with my opionion of this prouduct or any of the other Bare Minerals prouducts i discuss on my blog, or want to let me know what other awesome Bare Minerals prouducts I should try out, feel free to leave a comment on this post or any of my other posts.

I would love your feedback :)