Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bare Minerals vs. The competitors

If you're not already using Bare Minerals makeup you are probably using some other brand of makeup to satisfy your needs that is just not doing it for you. When it comes to foundation let's take a look at some alternatives to Bare Minerals that been trouble for many women, myself included.

Powders can dry out your skin or accentuate dry patches on your face. In most cases, they never match your skin tone and can make you look orange or pale. If you have uneven skin tones powder foundation just doesn't cover it. What about redness or zits? Powder doesn't even stand a chance! You also have apply multiple applications of powder foundation throughout the day to keep your face looking the way it did when you left the house.

A pretty popular foundation is the mousse. This was a big hit a few years ago, but then died down quickly for many reasons. Mousse foundation is cakey and heavy. It majorly clogs your pores, and unless you put it all the way down your neck your face is probably a different color than the rest of your body, literally making it look like you have a mask on.

Liquid foundations are hard to match to your skin and usually turn out on the orange side and never blends with your skin. Like powder foundations, liquid foundations also dry out skin and can bring out those dry patches. If you do not apply liquid foundations absolutely even you will have streaks or blotches on your face.

Makeup shouldn't be this much of a hassle! You should enjoy putting your makeup on, not get frustrated with it.

Bare Minerals foundation is easy to put on. The large brushes are light and easy on your skin. Have you thought about what you are using now to apply your makeup? Unless you are using your fingers or a natural brush that little nasty sponge you are using can be carrying about dead skins cells and thousands of harmful bacteria that is not good for your skin.

Because Bare Minerals is literally a foundation used of only crushed minerals it is airy on your skin. While wearing Bare Minerals foundation you will look and feel like you aren't even wearing makeup! The minerals won't bring out any dry spots on skin while still redusing the appearance of any redness and zits without clogging your pores.

Bare Minerals foundation comes in many different shades that will blend right onto your skin for a beautiful natural look that people will notice. I had tried all kinds of foundations before I tried Bare Minerals, but I will never go back to anything else.

When I first bought Bare Minerals I was shocked at how I looked. My self esteem was instantly hightened and I could not believe that my skin could look that great. On advertisements for Bare Minerals they used to talk about how many actors and movie stars use Bare Minerals, and let me tell you, they use it for a reason!

Growing up I had really bad acne problems and now that I am older I have some scars and un even skin tones. I had tried everything and I was desperate to find some kind of makeup that would hide my flaws and let me be the person under all my skin issues. That is when I tried Bare Minerals.

My boyfriend immediately noticed when he came home after a day at work. I was sitting on the couch in sweats, slippers, and my hair messy. He said that he had never seen my skin look so great. It really made me feel beautiful.

Bare Minerals worked wonders for me, and I want to share that with you! Click here to get started today and see how Bare Minerals can change your life.

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