Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Get Started Eyes Kit

Let's be honest, there are thousands of different kinds of eye liners, shadows, mascaras, out there that many of us have tried when dressing up our every day look or for a night out or a special occaision. What are some problems that we face when applying these prouducts?

Eye shadows come in all sorts of different colors, but they fade soon after putting it on or seep into the creases on our eyelids and look like stripes! Many powders also contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to sensitive skin.

Pencil liners can hurt when you apply them and tug at the sensitive skin around your eyes that can cause wrinkles. Also, I know for me, when going for a more bold look pencil liners never made my eyes stand out as much as I wanted them to.

Liquid liners can be messy and over dramatic for everyday wear. Makeup should look natural and there is absolutely nothing natural looking about wearing liquid eyeliners.

Are you ready to try something new like I did?

If you are, then the Bare Minerals Get Started Eyes Kit is the perfect thing for anyone who is sick and tired of tacky and messy eye makeup. The Get Started Eyes Kit includes everything you could possibly need to get any look you want while still looking natural and being precise.

The Bare Minerals Get Started Eyes Kit includes four brilliantly crafted mineral eye colors that compliment every skin tone. A stunning combonation of golden vanilla, medium apricot, dark hazelnut, and dark chocolate- rainin shades will make your eyes stand out subtly. Made of 100% healthy crushed minerals, the all natural consistency makes this color easy to apply and blend with color that will last all day long.

Let's not forget about the brushes! All eye brushes are not created equal, ladies, and Bare Minerals know this, that is why they have included three different brushes each with its own shape and style to ensure that your eye makeup is flawless and perfectly how you want it.

So stop sacrificing your beauty to messy shadows and obnoxious liners! Try the Bare Minerals Get Started Eyes kit today like thousands of women already have and get the look you have been longing for. You will love it.

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